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Krewe de la Vie Simplique
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Krewe de la Vie Simplique

Welcome and thanks for the interest in the becoming a member of Krewe de la Vie Simplique. We are the newest Krewe in the lake area and hopefully the most exciting. Krewe De la Vie Simplique is going to be a year round organization filled with family and adult fun. Not that kind of fun..., but good times nonetheless . It starts with our first annual membership meeting and ends with our Grand Ball and Mardi Gras events. Throw a few great get togethers in between and you have the recipe for an exciting year.

I know everyone is wondering what the name Krewe de la Vie Simplique means. For us it means "the simple life". We wanted the name to reflect an organization that is a place for our members to wind down and enjoy life with their family and friends. A lot of us work in the casino industry and have a way of watching the world pass us by without enjoying the simple things in life. That is the main goal for our Krewe. To make sure we don't miss out on those things, at least a few times a year.

Our inaugural season starts now! I would like to thank everyone in advance for their hard work in making our Krewe the best in Lake Area.

So lets get started and make it happen!

-Arlander, Nicole, Jenny, and Kandace